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Hair Growth Cycle

Periods of growth (Anagen) between two and eight years are followed by a brief period, two to four weeks, in which the follicle is almost totally degraded (Catagen). The resting phase (Telogen) then begins and lasts two to four months. Shedding of the hair occurs only after the next growth cycle (Anagen) begins and a new hair shaft begins to emerge. On average 50-100 Telogen hairs shed every day. This is normal hair loss and accounts for the hair loss seen every day in the shower and with hair combing. These hairs will regrow. At any given moment, about 90 percent of these follicles are in the Anagen, or Growing phase and not more than 10 percent of the follicles are in the Resting phase (Telogen) at any time. The prolonged growth phase and the high percentage of hairs in growth phase are responsible for the long hairs on scalp.

During this phase, which lasts between two and six years depending on genetic factors and age, hair grows approximately a half-inch each month. This cycle is controlled by a number of factors such as Hormonal and Nutritional factors, Stress etc.Of these, Androgens (Male Hormones-Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone) are the most important control factors of human hair growth , both in men and women. Androgens must be present for the growth of beard, axillary (Underarm), and pubic hair. Growth of scalp hair is not Androgen-dependent but Androgens are responsible for the development of male and female pattern hair loss.

Improper Hair Cosmetic Use/Improper Hair Care - Various chemical treatments on the hair, including dyes, tints, bleaches, straighteners and permanent waves may cause the hair to become weak and break if any of these chemicals are used too often. Hair can also break if the solution is left on too long, if two procedures are done on the same day, or if bleach is applied to previously bleached hair. If hair becomes brittle beacuse of chemical treatments, it's best to stop until the hair has grown out.

Hairstyles that pull on the hair, like ponytails and braids, should not be pulled tightly and should be alternated with looser hairstyles. The constant pull causes some hair loss, especially along the sides of the scalp. <,br> Frequent Shampooing , combing and brushing too often, using hot air dryer can also damage hair, causing it to break. Using a cream rinse or conditioner after shampooing will make it easier to comb and more manageable. When hair is wet, it is more fragile, so vigorous rubbing with a towel, and rough combing and brushing should be avoided. Use wide toothed combs and brushes with smooth tips



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